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About Bracket

I'm very active in the Roguelike Developers community, and doing my best to give back to the community. By pledging to my Patreon, you encourage me to keep providing free work to the community as a whole.

Roguelike Tutorial (in Rust)
My current large project is the Rust Roguelike Tutorial. This tutorial (33 chapters and rising) teaches some Rust - but is mostly about designing Roguelike games:
  1. Section 1 walks you through the basics of making a working game: walk around a randomly generated map (turn-based), learn to use an Entity Component System (ECS) to help manage world state, render in ASCII/CP437 mode, fight monsters, equip yourself and progress.
  2. Section 2 adds features to the game such as a nice title screen, a hunger clock, magic mapping, traps.
  3. Section 3 is all about procedural generation and making maps.
Many more sections are planned! The project is open source, and you can access the source material on Github.

RLTK - The Roguelike Toolkit
To support the tutorial, I maintain an open source library - rltk_rs. It provides the back-end required to make Roguelikes in Rust. Features include an ASCII/CP437 renderer, path-finding (A* and Dijkstra), noise generation, layered console output, web assembly support, field-of-view helpers, mouse control, tile rendering - and much more.

One Knight in the Dungeon
One Knight is a UE4-based C++ Roguelike with modern graphics and user interface. You can download it here. Source code is available here. I hope to get it on Steam soon, but the alphas, betas and source code will remain forever free.

Nox Futura
My long-term passion project is Nox Futura, basically Dwarf Fortress in space. You can learn more about it on it's page. It is also open source, implementing its own engine entirely in C++ / glfw.

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