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Hello and welcome to my patreon page!

My name is Daniel Riley and I am an aspiring novelist. A former kindergarten teacher from PA, now settled in the Austin, Texas area. My current project is called "The Wizard's Mistake", a satirical take on destiny, society, and mid-fantasy about a young, slovenly man named Yoder from a sleepy village recruited by an enigmatic wizard to go on an epic adventure to save all of mankind. There's just one problem....the wizard got the prophecy wrong. Can Yoder, a lazy, fearful, listless boy save the world or did the Wizard make a terrible mistake?

The Wizard sighed, all the wind blowing out of his sails. “Boy, the fate of the world lies in your….capable….hands. The prophecy was very clear. Your destiny awaits you.” Yoder glanced down at his plate, scratching his cheek with his right hand then lifted his gaze to the strange man interrupting his breakfast. “Is this really necessary? I mean, I like it here. There’s food and my mum.” He said, hiding his wringing hands under the table. The Wizard didn’t seem to like that question, shuffling forward to lean down and put his hands and cane on the table. “Are you telling me that you won’t go on an epic adventure with -me- to save the whole of the world because of your mum?” His brown eyes flicked to the aforementioned mother who looked back from her oven with a frown. “No offense, ma’am. You’re lovely, really.”
Yoder swallowed a lump in his throat, fear had always been a constant companion and now more than ever; he was certain that leaving the safety and security of home was a really bad idea but this strange man also presented him with everything he’d ever dreamed about. Adventure, destiny, perhaps even a pale maiden with dark hair or two. “Well, I mean, no. I just, I don’t know, it’s going to be dangerous, isn’t it?” Yoder stammered. “Oh yes, very. Incredibly dangerous, potentially deadly and full of the worst wonders you could dream of.” The Wizard replied. “It’ll be brilliant fun.” He added with a smile, pushing back upright off the table.

Other projects include a modern retelling of the Birth of Jesus slated for digital release after Thanksgiving this year, and a few more science fiction and fantasy novels I'm slowly developing. 
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When we hit 500/month, I'll start up a discord where you wonderful patrons and I can chat about projects and ideas. Maybe even work together if you're a writer or artist! Who knows!
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