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Thank you very much for your patronage. I really appreciate it no matter the amount.

I may be posting some personal musings here, and when I do, all patrons will be able to read them.

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After the "Buy Me A Game" goal ($200) is reached, you may give your vote on which game(s) I should get in the monthly polls.

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About Kite Stenbuck

Hello and thank you for coming here. I go with the name Kite Stenbuck, and I may also be known as BlackKite. You can reach me at Twitter most of the time, and I also have a Youtube channel where I currently post gameplay videos of my favorite games with PS4 Share function.

Video games have always been my true passion, and the contribution that I can make to the video game community is translating video game news from Japanese to English.

I started my experience with posting news translations at KOEI Warriors since 2005, however in the recent years I've been more active independently, mainly at Twitter, because I want to be able to cover more games as well as more otaku-related subjects (eg. anime) and also to reach a wider audience.

Thanks for all your support, I've decided to open a Patreon recently, and with this new year I hope I can improve my activity even further with your supports!

How we (yes, that's both you and me) will benefit from Patreon

The basic premise here is simple: The more you support me, the more I'll be able to contribute to the community in return.

Currently these are my activities that I'm doing, in order of frequency & priority
  1. Translating Japanese (mostly video games & otaku-related) news to English
    This is my current main activity. I'll mostly post up-to-date news quickly at Twitter, but I may also add posts here when I'm making long article translations.
    If you pledge with the $10 tier or above, you may also request a Japanese article you want to see getting translated. Please check the guidelines here.
  2. Posting game-related videos on Youtube
    I'm also trying my best to update my Youtube channel with game-related videos. Right now I aim to be at least be able to post a new video once per 1-2 weeks, but when I have more resources I want to raise the pace!
  3. Learn how to game dev
    I learned game dev at college but haven't used it at all during my last work for years. Now that I've become a freelancer, I'd like to use some spare time to re-learn it again. One of my resolutions this year is to be able to make & publish a game. I want to try some easily usable softwares like RPG Maker for a start.

The more support I receive, the more effort I will be able to dedicate to these activities. So I really look forward to your patronage. Once again, thank you very much for reading this.
m(_ _)m
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Regular Weekly Magazine Coverage

Once I reach this amount, I will be able to allocate the funds to regularly buy Famitsu & Dengeki magazines every week which provide all the juicy Japanese game infos you want.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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