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About Black Omen

The main goal of this Patreon is to provide high quality 3D models to backers with an emphasis on miniatures for table top gaming.  My current output will be one model a week.  Even if you choose not to support me, please enjoy the free preview models I continue to provide to give you an idea of the level of quality I hope to maintain and improve upon.

1. How do I get my files?

Every weekend you'll be able to download a new model from my Patreon page.  They will be provided as STL files in both parted out versions and solid piece files when applicable to the specific model.  A master list of all my models so far can be found HERE

Total model count as of January 30th:

Free models: 27
Backer models: 58(not including variants)

2. What am I allowed to do with these files?

Anything non-commercial that you'd like.  Print them, paint them, distribute them physically among your friends, use them as whatever assets you'd like.  But I ask that you not produce them to profit or sell commercially.  If I find that you are trying to re-upload my files to any digital marketplaces or offer them to sell/trade, I will ask you to stop or contact the domain owners if necessary.  You get access to the entire backlog of my miniatures when you back.  You're paying pennies per model.

3. What else will you be doing?

This depends on your donation tier but things such as model early access, sneak peeks and votes for the next models will be available.  And if you'd like to donate more, I do have the option of receiving one of the current month's models in a high resolution 3D resin print and painted by myself in a color scheme of your choosing if you would like.  I also like to create full sized statues and will be showing off other work of mine as well as my 3D printing activities.

Also, please do join our discord.  I have an amazing community and everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive.  You can find it here:

4. What are your goals?

I hope to work towards earning enough money from this Patreon to cover my hobby (this!) expenses.  Every dollar you back me with will be put towards 3D printer resin (costs about $100 a liter!), paint, art supplies and equipment.  If this ends up successful, then it just means you all get superior rewards and updates as all money will go right back into my creations.

If you've made it this far then thank you for your time!  I hope you enjoy my content.

Select a membership level
per month
4 models a month (plus the monthly $100 goal model), to include access to all of the stream models (up to 4 a month) that get uploaded after.  Totaling up to 9 models a month.  Includes access to all previous Patreon models as well.
Includes Discord rewards
per month
 At this tier you will get early access to the models I create, schedule of upcoming models I have planned, and voting privilege for Champion and above backers to decide on a model they want made for the next month.  That means 2 community voted miniatures!
Includes Discord rewards
Hero (USA)
Limited (2 of 2 remaining)
per month
 In addition to all of the previous rewards you will receive a high resolution, 3D printed, painted model of one of the current month's creations in a color scheme of your choosing!
Includes Discord rewards
$463 of $500 per month
At this tier I will 3D print and paint every miniature I make so you will be able to see what it looks like before you commit to printing it yourself!
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