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About Blackout Theatre

Putting New Mexico On the 

Stage and Screen

As you may know, New Mexico is a unique place to live, and has a distinct and rich culture that is often not portrayed in the mainstream. Blackout’s plan is start showcasing the aspects of New Mexico that make us “different,” and show why we should celebrate that.  Blackout is dedicated to showcasing our amazing community for the world to see.

Your help is needed to make these productions come to life. In order to pay rent, make costumes, props, sets, buy film equipment, and pay staff we need your support.  By supporting us on Patreon you will get special perks as well as tickets to shows.

Be a part of the action and join us in supporting one of the biggest performing arts events in Albuquerque!

Who is Blackout Theatre?
Blackout is creating stories to engage and ignite the community. We're a production company, creating a different kind of live performance and film in New Mexico.  We create original and innovative art that challenges the definitions of theatre and film.  We produce several theater and film projects throughout the year.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is the place to support Blackout monthly and stay involved in a bigger way through the creation and development of all our projects.  Patrons will get behind the scenes content and stay up to date on all our projects, no matter how big or small.

Whether you want season passes, tickets to one show, or you want to buy tickets in bulk, Patreon is a way to way to get tickets to the shows you want to see.

Why Support Through Patreon?

Our online videos, podcasts, and projects will be made available to our Patreon supporters first, and some exclusive content will be available only to Patreon supporters.  We will directly email you downloadable videos, pictures, and soundtracks. Higher supporter levels will get merchandise handmade by Blackout company members, limited edition show posters, and more. Its easy to message and post through Patreon to give us your feedback so we can make more of the shows you want to see!

Choosing to support small, local arts organizations is a bold message. It is an agreement between the patrons and artists that art is inspiring, compelling, and necessary in our society.  We want to make art that is meaningful to you, and you to stay involved with us in whatever way you can.

OK I'm In, Now What?
Check out the different ways you can sign up, and help give New Mexico local, new, and creative productions.  Once you sign up, check back in to stay in on the loop about the productions we're creating. Then get out and see some shows!

PS: Whether you are backing us for one dollar, fifty dollars, or anywhere in between, THANK YOU!!! You are bringing a different kind of theatre to the community!

$108 of $500 per month
Performance and Rehearsal Space

We at Blackout need a space for creative juices run wild!  We need to pay rent on time so we are asking for $500 a month to get a nice space to rehearse and perform in.  Also, we need a space to meet and do adminstrative duties such as pay bills, go over budgets, and write grants.
Help keep local art accessible and creative! Become a patron today!
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