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Note: Questions specifically related to campaign world secrets will only be addressed in the Patreon exclusive Behind the Screens Q&A episodes…

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The mysterious Library so jealously guarded by the College of Necromancy is arguably the greatest depository of knowledge in the entirety of the Blackspire world… and only its most trusted students are granted access to the forbidden tomes locked away in its infamous 13th Wing…

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• CUMULATIVE with all previous backer levels.

About Blackspire

Welcome to the Blackspire RPG Campaign… a dark, baroque, postmodern love letter to Dungeons and Dragons. My name is Robert Randle and I am the creator and Game Master of the D&D inspired campaign world (and now actual-play podcast) called Blackspire… and you’ve just listened to an excerpt from our inaugural recorded gaming session entitled “Fresh Blood from a Stone”.

For upwards of fifteen years now, I have been running everything from one-shot adventures to entire campaigns spanning over several years set in various locations throughout the Blackspire world, but my most current ongoing campaign started back in May of 2013, which I began running for the gaming collective I’d then joined called the Baltimore Role-Players Unite Weekly..

Over the last few years we of the B.R.U.W. Crew had met for nearly eighty separate gaming sessions worth of adventuring before the idea occurred to us to turn our friendly regular Blackspire campaign into an actual-play podcast… and eventually perhaps into something even more…

We've played through the Awakening of a stone golem as he discovers the dark and terrible city of Blackspire that he has just been brought forth into....

We've explored the grounds of a magical mansion... where fey-folk hide around every corner... and where its painted walls come alive to reveal even stranger realms beyond...

We've crossed swords with an infernal Oni on the riotous streets of Jade Town, and discovered the terrifying secrets of his Charnel House home...

And that was just in our first few recorded sessions...

My players love playing in the Blackspire world almost as much as I love running games in it… but we love sharing our adventures with the rest of the gaming community even more. More than anything else, we just want to keep this going because we have so much more of this story in us left to tell… and I’ve even got a potential ending to this campaign which (if I somehow manage to get us there one day) threatens to be the most epic D&D story that I (or anyone I've heard of) has ever tried to tell before.

If it is also your wish for us to reach that epic ending someday, we’d be honored if you would help us along the way to get there...

Creating Blackspire takes resources. Time, supplies, equipment, data, money… all these things and more are needed to bring a show like this about. And relax, please do not worry… while the majority of new Blackspire content is Patreon-exclusive, we are committed to always releasing a version of our core show for free (eventually anyway). That you’ve even stuck with us this long means a great deal to us. We are incredibly grateful for your support… so we want to do more for our listeners… and by also becoming our backer on Patreon… we can start to give back to you that much more.

Below on this page you’ll find everything you need to know about our Patreon campaign… We have various tiers of support, and each level provide backers with a deeper and deeper level of engagement with the Blackspire world.

By supporting us here you can help cover our costs, motivate us to keep going, and help make it possible for us to release more content, more frequently. Patreon backers will receive everything from various personalized communications on the program, access to early, exclusive, and unique show content, and (for only the most brave or foolish) even find their way into taking on the role of an actual player character... and joining us on one of the many spin-off episodes we’ll be creating as the Blackspire RPG Campaign progresses.

So… please check out our page and donate or support us at a level that excites you. Even if you’re not interested in giving us monetary support today, please still be sure to spread the word about Blackspire to all your adventuring buddies out there. Please also be sure to Like, Rate, Subscribe, and Share our program on whatever media platforms you prefer to use. Letting other people know about our show is simply the best way for it to find a new and wider audience… and just a few simple clicks on your end seriously helps in that regard.

So, thank you in advance for your support, and we’ll talk to you again on the next exciting episode of… Blackspire!
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