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About Black Streak Entertainment

Welcome patron! Black Streak Entertainment is a two man show run by brothers Justin and Terry L Raimey. Terry is the writer and Justin is the artist. We want to establish a studio in Atlanta so we can more effectively publish and produce comics, manga, books, video games, and animated shorts for the world to enjoy!

Through our original works, Black Streak Entertainment tells stories that matter, from a perspective that is often overlooked by the mainstream - the African American perspective. We tell stories that matter to us and resonate with people from various walks of life. With characters, artwork, and stories from our unique perspectives, Black Streak strives to inform and entertain our audiences with thought provoking and emotionally driven creative content!

By becoming our patron, you will be supporting us in funding our endeavor to establish our Atlanta studio and bring our comics, manga, books, animation, and video games to mainstream audiences. Join the movement today by pledging! Thanks!

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