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About S.Park and A. Rhiannon

S. Park and A. Rhiannon are both me, two names I use to publish my various different kinds of writing, which you can find posted here more often and more promptly than anywhere else I post my stuff.

I write quite a lot of gay romance.  I also write a wide variety of other things, including lots of LGBT content, especially stories informed by my own experiences being queer, genderqueer, and a general weirdo.  (I think being a weirdo is a good thing, Gonzo always was my favorite Muppet.)  I enjoy writing fanfiction, and post nearly all of it here first.  And I write quite a lot of very kinky smut, varying from light, sweet, romance with just a hint of domination, to extreme, totally not safe for sanity edge stuff.  I do try to make certain stories of the latter sort come with lots of warnings, so people won't be taken by surprise.

I am not currently on a super-specific posting schedule, but I am trying my best to post something or other here every single week, and I try to have bonus content for the higher tiers on a regular basis.

Your contributions stack over time, so $5 patrons get access to bonus scenes as soon as I post them and $10 patrons get access to smut shorts immediately, but $1 and $2 patrons can read a month's worth of new bonus scene or smut short every time they reach another $5 or $10 in lifetime contributions.

However you will need to contact me to claim these!  Patreon doesn't currently have a good way to give access automatically, and I can't remember and keep track of everyone and what they have and haven't read, so please just message me whenever you've reached your next milestone and want to read a story or two.

$20 patrons' contributions also stack, so rather than getting one tiny little story each month, you can wait a few months and get a longer story.  You will definitely need to contact me, even if you're just getting a short drabble, as I need to know what you'd like me to write!

If you have questions about any of this, do feel free to ask them.

Thank you all again, your contributions absolutely make my day every single month.  You're the best! <3

P.S. If you want to join, pay your dollar, grab all my content, and bail before the next month that is perfectly fine! You can also share my stories with friends, the way you would loan out a book, so don't hesitate to share the story link on a one-on-one basis.  All I ask is that you not upload my stories to any public sites, or post the links in any public places/groups like discord, etc.

P.P.S. The gorgeous banner art above is by Sheilkuroi, who did all of A.Rhiannon's cover art.  I love working with them, their art is great and they've always been super professional to work with too.
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$300 a month is enough to start treating this like a real job, so at that point I'll start making exclusive, voted-on, patrons-only content of some kind every month!
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