is creating The super nude patch for the sims 4 + DLC + XXX image packs
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  • Get access to the super nude patch that installs the hottest mods all from ONE file and at ONE price that will transform your sims 4 games into 18+ and does ALL the work for you! It's easy as selecting what you want installed, click and watch it install and set up everything for you in under 20 seconds! Your sims will hace access to so much sex and smut they won't know what to do with it! Just make sure to enable custom mods and script mods in your games OPTIONS menu.
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Get access to both the super nude patch and the adult pack DLC including sex shop and strip club objects Includes over 30 items to build and run (if you have GTW) your own sex shop. items range from dildos, blowup dolls, display cases, condoms, signs, adult dvd rack, adult magazine rack and more. 

Includes items to build and run (if you have gtw) your very own strip club. Items range from stripper poles, neon strip club signs, mirror floors, sexy mirror wall silhouettes and more! 

As well as over 50 skins, the slutty outfit pack and paintings.

Also get access to the objects DLC pack which includes many objects ranging from cars, vampire, pool, goth, arcade, fallout 4 and many more objects!

Get access to the adult image packs which contains thousands of xxx adult images you can use to make your own paintings. Along with the special tutorial and template to get you started. You can view the tutorial, download the template and also view previews of the packs here:

Screenshots here 

About BLÀde

Tired of installing mods the long way? Wish there was an easier quicker way to install mods? The super nude patch is a self installing program that installs all the hottest and necessary mods to make your sims game fully nude and 18+ ON ANY PC in ONE file. Why just remove the blurs when you could do so much more! Add sex, sex parts, erect penis, BDSM, bondage and more!! Check out it's full list of features as well as a wide variety of screenshots HERE!

The super nude patch is usually updated at least once a week so make sure to stick around for updates!

VIP pledges can get access to the adult DLC pack which contains the slutty outfits pack and objects packs to build your own strip club and sex shop!

Warning these installers will ONLY work on PC's! MAC users can subscribe to pandora sims and download the mods manually there.

Also available to VIP pledges: Adult image packs which contain THOSANDS of high quality XXX images you can use to make your own sims 4 paintings or for personal use!

For A LOT more including sims 1,2,3 and 4 adult objects, sex animations and naughty toys for your sims to play with than head to

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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