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You'll have first-eyes access to all self-defense and fight scene articles, writing updates, and pupper content, and your support will be acknowledged on a special page in my published fiction. 
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In addition to the Blade's rights, you'll maintain priority access for questions AND gain access to all things whiskey and spirits! Do you want to debate the merits of throws versus joint locks? Do you want to explore whether a whiskey tale is fact or myth? This is your opportunity!
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In addition to the Comdar's rewards, you'll receive a pre-publication DRM-free ebook of upcoming novels, novellas, and non-fiction, as well as a personal thank-you card.
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In addition to the Commander's privileges, you'll have the opportunity to appear in an upcoming novel or novella.  You'll have some homework if you choose this reward, so be prepared to answer questions about your character preferences!
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For the writers out there, this reward gives you the Commander's privileges and the opportunity to receive a personal critique of your action and fight scenes (up to 2500 words per month).  I'll also be available to answer your short questions in a timely manner via email.
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Really?  Really, really?  Wow.

My darling, I will of course extend to you the Jharin's privileges, in addition to an upgraded version of the Velshaan.  You'll get more than a part in an upcoming story.  You'll be either a viewpoint character or will have a novella of your own.  We'll consult on the details.

And if you're close to Denver, or if we end up both attending the same conference, we'll get together for a dinner and whiskey tasting!



About Blair MacGregor

   I'm Blair MacGregor.  Reviewers describe my fantasy novels as brutal, gritty, character-driven, and realistic military fantasy.  Even my most well-meaning characters must choose between what is good and what is necessary... then live with the consequences.  You can find more information about the novels here.
   This little Patreon began with a singular focus on martial arts, self-defense, and fight-writing, and it's been a fantastic experience. Now it's time to change it up.
  We'll be keeping the fighting and the fight-writing!  (Here's an example of the articles I write. Here's an example of why I write them.)  But we're going to have fun with a couple other topics, too.
   There will be the whiskey! We'll go into the drinking, the making, the stories and myths, and even the laws. We'll chat about other spirits, too—vodka and gin, brandy and rum, maybe even a little applejack on the side. Sure, I'm mostly a whiskey gal, but there's a bunch of overlap on the production and tasting side, and the entire history of spirits—and their present iterations—is fascinating.
   There will be puppers! My puppers, your puppers, all the puppers! There might be anything from simple pupper pics and photos, to the occasional in-depth article. There will be seriousness and silliness, science and storytelling.
   There will be more regular updates on novels-in-progress! I will not promise snippets and such—I've learned the worst thing for my creative process is a public schedule rather than a private one—but there will always be something. It might be a curiosity research uncovered, or the challenge of a character's transformation, or a stylistic experiment pushing the boundaries of my experience. And maybe, now and then, a surprise snippet.
   This should be fun, my darlings. I want to ensure it is, every month, month after month.
   In the past, y'all have made it clear you want the self-defense and fight-writing articles to eventually become public rather than be kept behind Patreon's walls. I will gladly continue that tradition you so generously chose to support. The other pieces we're adding, though, will be just for Patrons. Oh, some of the writing updates will bleed over to the public blog in a general way, but the specifics and the depth will remain yours.
  By becoming a patron, you support the fiction and the non-fiction.  The characters who must decide if their cause is worth the consequences.  The real-life people who deserve to know how best to protect themselves from the bad guys.  The storytelling that benefits from understanding when, why, and how violence is effective, and when, why, and how fighters make their decisions.
   Above all, my darlings, thank you so much for your interest and investment.  Your feedback is always welcome.  If you'd like to stay in touch, you can find me on Twitter (@blairmacg), on LiveJournal, and at Blair MacGregorBooks.
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Every month, I'll write a new article on an aspect of violence, an article about whiskey (or another spirit), and post about puppers.

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