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About Blair Chadwick


Thank you for finding me on Patreon.

As you may, or may not, know I am a thirty something dad of one living in Devon with my little family. I left home at 17 to become a rock star and even though it didn’t turn out as I expected I have appeared on three albums, made videos and played music with some lovely people.

At the start of last year I lost my Dad. This sent me into a spin and I had a terrible Bipolar manic episode followed by lots of heavy medication and a depression. I have been recovering since, during the summer in lock down I teamed up with the super talented Elizabeth Mizon and produced the podcast ‘Music to Survive By’. We interviewed 15 creatives about their personal journey with music and their own mental health. It was a very cathartic experience and provided a much needed beacon of hope.

The show is now complete and I am at the start of my next creative adventure and I want you to come along with me.

The month after my Dad died was a very surreal experience with lots of odd situations happening to me. I heard the voice of God, thought I could stop the wind with my mind and even spoke to Jeff Bridges in the shower (who told me everything was going to be OK).
I have been unable to remember all what happened, let alone process it. With the help of my fantastic friends and family who helped me at the time, and since, I have been piecing it all together like a big mystery.
I have been compulsively writing about these incidents when they come into my mind; appearing as flashbacks. Reading them back, and taking myself out of the stories, they are both touching and darkly comic.

My desire now is to complete my collection of prose inspired by this mad month and develop the words into a podcast serial. With your help I will be inspired, motivated and held accountable to finish this new podcast. You will be in the eye of the storm as the creation happens, I am very excited for us to be a part of this together.

Your support will get this made and out into reality.

Lots of love

20 - reached! patrons
When I reach 20 patrons I will publish  Episode 1 of 'February made me shiver' as a downloadable audio file.
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