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Absolve yourself of any guilt from using Adblock. I know a lot of people use Adblock for security reasons to prevent dangerous ads with malware, or maybe you just hate all those garbage pop ups. In either case you can still support my content and contribute over 1000 videos worth of ad revenue by pledging just a dollar.
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  • Epic Wallpapers (PC, Tablet, Phone)
  • Adblock Guilt Removal 
  • x3 Multiplier Achievement (worth over 3000 video ad views)
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I will add you on BattleNet and you can play Overwatch with me during Livestreams

Supporters at this rank and higher are also eligible to make guest appearances in my videos on an as needed, first come first server basis.


Get VIP access to my Discord server! Chat with me in  VIP channels!


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About Blame The Controller

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Patreon page.

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. You probably got here from a link in one of my Youtube videos or from my Twitch Livestream. If you enjoy the content that I make, this page is a chance for you to help support what I do and get some pretty awesome rewards at the same time!


Special Thanks in my videos!

Make a pledge at this level or higher and I will let everyone know how awesome you are by putting your name in my videos during the end slate section!

Join me in Overwatch Matches

I will add you on BattleNet and during Livestreams I will add people to join me in matches, brawls, and PvE events

Guest appearances in Youtube videos

I will add you on BattleNet and whenever I am making a video for ability testing, hero guides, or patch updates, I will grab people who are supporters in Discord to help make the video.

BTC Sticker Pack

I will mail you a variety of BTC stickers for you to slap on your laptop, tablet, family pet, car, or whatever you want!

Epic Wallpapers (PC, Tablet, Phone)

Give your PC, Tablet, or Phone an awesome background with BTC themed wallpapers. (New designs are made regularly and will be posted here for you to use.)

VIP Access to my Discord server

Hang out with me and other fans in my Discord server with special VIP access.

Adblock Guilt Removal

A lot of people use it, but a small pledge is worth 1000's of ad views.

Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help support the channel so that I can continue to make more great content that you enjoy.

If you would like to support my content and get some cool benefits please check out the pledges on the side.

Thank you for your support!

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Catblobs revealed!
The fluffy balls of cuteness known as the catblobs have been a part of my livestream for years now and I have always kept their real names secret. This was mostly just a troll that I just kind of ran with.

If I reach this rather silly goal, I will reveal the true super secret identity of the catblobs.
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