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About Blanchie

Hello, I'm B____ and I draw comics and miscellaneous scrawlings of sad children, robots, and occasionally mermaids. You can find links to my portfolio or social media here.

My current project is an untitled horror webcomic where all the characters are based off of bugs. Right now, none of it is online, but for my $3 tier I'll post in-progress pages at least once a month. In the end, the finished comics will still be free to read, but I don't expect to start publicly posting it until July-August.

Some endeavors for the far future:

rainy day, a webcomic about children living in the city during a strange storm. currently on indefinite hiatus. my first priority after finishing my current project is to begin reworking rainy day.

city lights, a story about a psychologist interviewing the inhabitants of a virtual city. its current form is a buggy Twine i wrote back in college, but i'd like to refine it someday.

  • $3 -- every month I'll share some of my comic, usually at least one new page.
  • In the future I may add a tier for a limited number of people to receive an art request per month. We'll see how things pan out. :)
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Monthly check-ins with my unpublished horror webcomic.

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