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Love films? Love us? Show your love by parting with $5 for us to keep producing quality entertainment. It may not seem like much, but to us, it means the world! 

Have your name on every film we produce and release and feel like a true Executive Producer! Be a part of the Cnvs Community with access to our Discord and Patreon feeds. Share thoughts and engage in creative discussions with us and other creatives like us. 

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Enjoy coupon codes & discounts to Blank Cnvs Merch and Production packages. You also enjoy early access to all our content such as behind the scenes, interviews and the films themselves! As well as being a part of the Cnvs Community through Patreon and Discord feeds,




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Blank Canvas Pictures aims to provide a new and unique voice to young artists. We aim to grow and tell stories unique to people and their cultures, ethnicities, class, race, sexual orientation and identities. We seek to create a community of filmmakers that are creative, passionate and innovative. To provide audiences with films that they can connect and fall in love with.
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Fully Self-Sustained Business

With a monthly cash injection of $500, we will be able to cover our operating cost and more. We will not only have enough to cover the day to day expenses but also things such as marketing, equipment rentals and more.

The idea is to spend it on post-production software (Adobe, Cinema 4D and Davinci Resolve 15), production management software (StudioBinder), screen-writing software (Final Draft) and more.

Currently, we have alternatives in place that are not ideal in the long run. We want to get to a place where we can afford to cover these costs and focus on creating quality entertainment and art.
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