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Looking to just show that you support all the hard work we do?

Then this is a tier designed just for that - get some swag, show some love, and give us a thumbs up that YES! you agree that a community like Blank Space is a nice thing to have ;) 

•  Stickers! (Sweet Swag)
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•  Discounts from our partners (Artifix framing, Torso Kunstartikler, NorskÆro Commercial Printing, PIGS digital Imaging, Flugger Farve)
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Aren't we all a making art sometimes? If you're looking to improve your basic skills, or brush up on the ever important fundamentals, then this is the perfect tier!

• Swag bag
• Stickers
• Discounts to all our Partners
• Free Tuesday Workshops
• Free Beginner's Drawing
• Free Special Workshop
• Free Creative Lab
• Free access to all video archives (via
• Free access to all handouts (via Patreon)
• Discounts on all classes
• Free locker rental on location (while supplies last)

Taking all these separately would cost you -at least- 85USD (850NOK).

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Are you super, almost obsessively, interested in art and design? Is it getting to be awkward with your "normal" friends?

Then this tier is perfect for you, you weirdo.

You'll get ALL previous tier benefits plus:

•  List your art on our webshop (for free! 0% commission)
• Free table at our 4x yearly art markets at Kulturhuset***
• Free 1-on-1 portfolio review**
• Free locker rental on location
• 50% Discounts on gallery rentals*
• 50% Discounts on venue rentals*
• Bragging rights

*Can only be used on productions you are a part of, can not be transferred to friends or family. Limit 2 per year.
**Limited to 2x per year
*** This tier does NOT guarantee a table, only that if you are accepted that the table is free :)

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Blank Space is an ambitious creative space in Oslo that works in countless aspects of the visual art and design community. We are a meeting place for the creative and productive. We are a safe haven for the curious and strange. We are a Blank Space for YOU to make Oslo a brighter place.
The best way to know who we are is to have a chat with us! We always take meetings / viewings, but we ask that you please book this in advance. Please do not just show up randomly. We do not typically have regular public opening hours and are, on any given day, horribly busy.

Blank Space consists of four parts:

Our GALLERY, which produces fucking cool independent exhibitions, or can be rented by anyone for anything all the time.

Our WORKSHOPS, which cover any kind of educational event we produce from all the horrible beginners to the passionate nerds, or any event that rents our pretty amazing venue for their projects.

Our STUDIOS, which is one of Oslo’s largest co-working spaces specifically made for artists and designers.

Our COMMUNITY, where we work within Oslo's creative scene to strengthen the market from the inside. This can be serious tasks like working with the city to create more opportunities for modern day art such as video games, to silly events like game and movie nights for some well needed socialization.

Why is what we do important? Though our resources are designed to be interdisciplinary, our focus on the “alternative arts” (such as illustration, design, comic books, video game design) is important for two major reasons:

  1. With the next generation, these fields are becoming exponentially more relevant. Though the world will, and should, always have a need for fine and contemporary art, there is specific growth in digital and narrative art. If tomorrow’s kids would rather create video games than paint landscapes, Norway deserves an infrastructure to support this if they truly mean to represent artistic freedom and expression.
  2. The question is still being asked: “Is what we do art?”. Any artist is tired of answering the question “How do you pay your rent?” and at the same time “Oh, you want to get paid?” or even “I bet I could do that”. 

    At the bottom line, we still have to defend that what we do as worthy to other artists, to authorities, and to audiences. And we deserve a support system as much as any other creative in tackling the same problems all artists share universally.

We completely understand that sometimes our audience can lack financial stability - which is why we try really hard to create content as affordable as we can.
Our basic membership is cheaper than a single class, so if you see two events each month that interest you, you can save over 600kr a month by becoming a member! We offer different tiers that grow with your needs, so you do not have to pay for services you don’t want.

Most importantly, choosing a membership means you are helping to support the entire field of illustrators and designers even if you cannot attend every class. And in return, they do the same for you! This "we are in this together" mentality is real, and creates a wonderful place to hang out, make friends, and work towards a common goal - to get better at this crazy thing called art!

This stable flow of income enables our organization to keep the doors open - which means that you are helping us create empowering, inspiring, and relevant events to make all the weird art you want. And by working together, we can keep our prices affordable for all our financially challenged friends.

Still too poor? Then join our Community Service events on the first Sunday of the month from 11-17 and get a free Novice level membership for the entire month for FREE. No registration required, but show up on time. Let’s work together to make Blank Space great!

Have any questions? Get in touch!

$1,345.74 of $2,300 per month
Pay our director

When we reach 2300 (roughly 20 000NOK) our founder / director can begin to take a semi-normal income from running this facility (FINALLY). 
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