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About blargsnarf

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Hey guys and gals. Name’s blargsnarf, and I’ve been scribbling naughty pictures for the last 10+ years. Patreon is by far the best way to support me and my ongoing projects.

Who am I? Just a guy who has been making adult doodles for over a decade. Pictures, comics, pixel art, even animations – I’ve done quite a bit. And I’d like to keep doing it. That’s where you can help.

Why should you pledge? To support what I do. I enjoy making comics for you all to enjoy, and I’d like to do more of ‘em – pledging here is the best way to ensure that happens.

Do I have to pledge to see your stuff? No. All my stuff is out there, on my website, on 34, for everyone to enjoy. Patreon is just a way for you to give back and make sure I keep making the best stuff I can make.

Things I’ve done:

I've lost count of how many images are in my gallery. Windows is telling me there are 522 images in my 2016 folder alone. My /34 page contains hundreds and hundreds of images.

A finished 21 page comic. This one’s done and wrapped up and out there for everyone to see.

An ongoing project, and one that I’d like to commit to regularly if this Patreon goes well. Otherwise it’s dependent on slow outside funding.

Yeah, I'm that guy, too. If you've seen parodies of established pixel games out there on the internet, there's a high chance it was me who did it. I did the vast majority of the Starbound/Stardew Valley stuff, for instance.

4 colored pages, several pages of extra pictures, guest art, sketches, etc. Available on my site.

Aaaaaaand a ton of others. Just Google for 'em.

Again, I’d love to bring you guys more content, and I’d love to do it with your help. If you’re (quite rightly) embarrassed, you can always hide your pledge, and remember that even the smallest donations help keep me motivated!
Thanks for checking out my page, and as always, remember..

It's all parody. Honest.

Oh, and also, keep in mind that each tier contains all the previous tiers’ rewards, unless specifically stated! More bang(s) for your buck!
88% complete
If this milestone is met I will stream with some sort of regularity - streams are a great way of staying focused and staying in touch with my fans, but they require time (and bandwidth) so I need to make sure I can put both of those things towards doing it.
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