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Hello! I am Dustin Murphy - a video game journalist, streamer, and enthusiast who just happens to love games more than food itself. I review between 30-40 games a year, write approximately 200-300 articles, and even help raise awareness about mental health in gamers and the gaming industry.

For more than five years I've been happily running Blast Away the Game Review with both friends and family, but also I've writing for multiple entertainment outlets such as NowLoading.co, CraveOnline, Comingsoon, and GameRevolution. Even while I do write for leisure, fun, and to shape my hobby, I do it because I enjoy seeing the reaction readers get when they connect with my written works.

So why Patreon?
As any writer can tell you, writing about games, posting and creating videos for YouTube, and even working as a freelance editor is not a guaranteed income. I pour a lot of my personal time into editing, writing, doing PR, and working as Blast Away the Game Review's Editor-in-Chief so that I can bring out the latest news, reviews, and information pertaining to the gaming industry with the help of my dad (also the VP) and a few contributing friends. I do this because I enjoy what I do, but unfortunately, it doesn't mean I make a reliable income in any form.

Because I do - do this work and I do enjoy reviewing games, creating content, and purchasing them if I need to; I do need a small bit of help, which will enable me to continue making the content I do, and somehow survive. Because we all need pizza, without pizza - I'll die. Well kinda kidding, but not really. So I am here on Patreon seeking help from you all. So far, I love what I do, but it doesn't mean it's an easy or cheap road. So I am now here I am on Patreon asking you, my friends, my readers, and even someone who may have just found out about me, for a little bit of help.

What will I do with your donations?
When you donate to people, you are probably wondering where your money is going, what the person is using it for, and why they are using it for what they do. I'll be completely honest. It's going to help cover games, purchase hardware, but most of all - help me survive. I love my line of work, I wouldn't change it for the world thanks to you all whether you contribute or not.

What will I do to ensure you see where your money is going?
Simple! All the work I do? Will be thanks to you and your continued support. I even plan on doing some giveaways, unboxing videos, and most-of-all, monthly updates here and or on YouTube!

Thank you!
I want to most-of-all, give you a huge thank you. I want to thank you whether you donate or not just because you did manage to find your way here. I promise you will be seeing quite a bit of activity out of me here on Patreon and my social media pages.
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After the monthly goals are made, I'll be able to do special giveaways for digital content, and quite possibly a new smash-hit release that's coming up.
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