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I have this weird hobby where I steal money from the internet.


Porvoo, Finland

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I create a comic called Gone with the Blastwave.

So here is my latest cash grab scheme. A service that lets you pay me for doing what I'm already doing! Though it's not like I'm holding the comic hostage or anything.

The idea is that you make a vague promise to give me money if I make a new page of the comic. If you don't like the page I made (Or I don't make a new page), or you just wanna mess with my head... You can modify/cancel your pledges anytime. And at the end of the month it asks you if you're sure you wanna give me some money.

Patreon donations pretty much guarantee a monthly update schedule for the comic. Though slip-ups are frequent.

Super awesome fan tier: For 1 dollar you support the comic and get to feel slightly betrayed when the new page ends up sucking! You also get some random extras sometimes (turns out to be extremely rarerly).

Extra fan extra content tier: For 5 dollars (or above) you get access to the extra pages posted here on Patreon. The idea is to make extra pages monthly, but that hasn't happened, so I'll stop promising that. These comics come in many varying forms, most of them being pages for these "spinoff" series seen in this picture here:

Crazy person tier: For 80 dollars you get... um... Something? I don't really know. (message me)
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