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Blaze is a UI toolkit that is modular, open source and most importantly free!



To provide a structured, scalable and maintainable component-based architecture that is well documented and easy to use.

But what does that really mean?!
Structured: predictable structure makes everyone's life easier. You can simply glance at the code and can understand a variety of characteristics about how the UI hangs together.

Scalable: Blaze utilises ITCSS; a proven method of managing large scale CSS. It is also modular, so you can take only what you need, or take it all! It's got a small footprint.

Maintainable: the hardest parts of building a CSS framework is the difficulty in maintaining it. Blaze hopes to improve that experience by utilising BEM naming conventions and ITCSS methodologies to provide meaning and context to the code.

Component-based: React, Angular, Polymer, Riot, Vue, the list goes on of JavaScript frameworks that are all following the Web Components approach of compartmentalizing the UI. Blaze follows suit with components living at the heart of the framework.

Well documented: A product should always be well documented in my opinion. It makes it easier to use, provides help when needed and ratifies the thinking of the product creator. Documentation takes a lot of effort but it is worth it.

Feedback from users of Blaze so far has been positive, but this is only the beginning.

Future plans:
A variety of different types of JavaScript components based on Blaze CSS

So why back Blaze development?
Building, maintaining, writing documentation, addressing people's issues and pull requests takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Time and effort you as a consumer don't have to invest in yourself.

Sponsoring Blaze development sends a clear message that your product relies on an actively maintained open source project. It makes business sense if you're using Blaze in a commercial environment and gives you peace of mind as an individual developer or freelancer.

Not to mention a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart!

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Whether I get 1 or 1,000 sponsors I will always be dedicating some of my time to working on Blaze!
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