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Creating Videos and games and videos about games.

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Special Thanks: Hey, you're a cool person. I'll probably tell everyone how cool you are on a video, assuming the list of names doesn't get too long.

The Monthly Podcast: Your monthly round up of everything I'm currently doing, and will be doing in the future.
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You'll get access to...
  • Patreon-exclusive polls whenever I need feedback on things. Patron opinions come first!
  • Any early previews of upcoming videos.
  • Access to the TOP-SECRET LIST of Unlisted Videos on my Youtube channel, including the long lost (and embarassing!) Sonic Advance 2 Let's Play
  • Exclusive audio bloopers from my narrated video reviews
  • Should the goal be met, exclusive access to Sonic Unleashed LP episodes a week early
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  • Access to any game I personally create, pre-release, finished or otherwise.
  • Access to software tools I made for myself (maybe you'll find them useful, too)
  • Occasional source code to some of the stuff I just listed (mostly in Clickteam MFA format for now)
  •  You will get a guaranteed shout-out in all my future videos, and names will be listed under "Special Thanks". I'll even include a website URL if you have one! (Make sure to send me a message about it when you pledge!) 
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About Ryan Bloom


Hi, this is the Patreon for Ryan Bloom, known mostly to internet folks as “BlazeHedgehog.” I’m a jack of all trades -- I like to produce high-quality Youtube videos, develop fun indie games, and create artwork. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, too -- and supporting me on Patreon, you’re easing my financial burdens and giving me a chance to put out even more cool stuff for you!

Patrons get exclusive access to all kinds of fun stuff: my archive of secret unlisted Youtube videos, DRM free downloads for all of my games and software (sometimes with source code included!), the newest monthly podcasts, and way more. Just click "Show more" to get more information!


Original Games I'm Working On, Or Have Finished

Video Reviews, Editorials and More

(All patrons can listen to new podcasts a month early by clicking here!)


One Time Donations

Don't want to set up a Patreon account? Don't want to pledge every month? Want to donate just once without all of the hassle? You can either use Ko-fi (preferred) or Paypal.me.

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Can't Pledge?

That's fine too! Everyone has different money situations. Think of it this way: I wouldn't be setting up this Patreon if I had any money for myself. But don't worry! Check the free stuff tag -- I've put up a few things here or there that don't require pledges to view!

Follow Me On The Internet

Here are places you can find me and my work outside of Patreon.
Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch.tv | Itch.io | BLTN.net | tssznews.com | Soundcloud | Tindeck | 8Tracks | DeviantArt | Redbubble
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I'll start doing weekly Twitch (or Hitbox!) streams. I have a huge backlog of games that needs to be cleared, and I have other things that can be streamed (like game development, etc.)
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