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About Blazers Uprise

Right now, I'm living the dream of creating Portland Trail Blazer content for Blazer fans. Blazers Uprise is my pride & joy, and I have big dreams of growing it as a platform. The support has made this platform grow exponentially during the first few weeks of it, and it's greatly appreciated! Each and every person who supports me makes this endeavor special!

It's also a tough task to manage a channel while trying to grow it into a platform and balancing my schooling and other things in my life. What makes it even harder is that I'm unable to make ad revenue off the videos that I put hours into creating, because of the NBA's copyright protections.

So if you want to be an even bigger part of helping this platform grow, I've created this Patreon to facilitate that! This platform will always be for the fans, by the fans, and any donation you're generous enough to pledge will help this platform achieve the ambitious vision I've set forth for it.

I'll also provide perks for Patrons as well, so go check out the "tiers" section for a list of available perks! It wouldn't feel right to ask for generosity without trying to give back as well! I'll announce any new perks on Twitter (@ToreyJonesYT) and here on the Patreon page!

Thanks you for all your support, and as always, go Blazers!

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