is creating big soft friends and videos

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The first teir, and your already a squeaky furry.. good! >:3

just a tiny tip from you to either look through my gallery, or to see video content coming soon :3
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Small Mlem

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the smallest of mlems, but its worth doing for a good reason :3

just a bigger option for a tip, if you choose this one i will include a small thank you doodle if i have a clear que (please message me for the doodle if needed!)
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Small tail!

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hey look! now you have a tail! its small but worth a lot more!

this is the biggest tip of all! im super thankful you believe my art is worth watching me for <3

with this tip, along with the one-time doodle in the previous tier, i will secretly slip in a 20% discount for commissions :3c
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About Bleodafi

Heyo! my name is Isaac, i am an artist and creator known online as Bleodafi!

Ive been doing art for most of my life, but i took it seriously about 6 years ago, and ive been doing it as a way to get some sort of income for almost two!

i do multitudes of art things, along with some youtube (on break) and music things

as i continue my journey for doing art, music, and youtube, i plan to use this as a opportunity to make it a living with so many things i want to do in life

please join me as i reach this, and come watch me squeak!

Twitter (sfw art, does have fetish stuff thats sfw):
FurAffinity (i dont post here much, but it has both sfw and nsfw [also moved to this new one]  ^^'): My FA

banner: will be updated
$0.87 of $50 per month
this is a monthly goal i want to reach to be able to afford the basics, such as my patrons i follow, and my minecraft server
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