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$2.00+ access to some extra Patreon sketches. As a thank you to my patrons, I share some of the random extra things I work on! I encourage you to give suggestions.
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$6.00+ access to extra Patreon sketches, and other projects. In addition to the sketches, these folk get to see some of the projects I play around with. From style and lighting/shading experiments, to novice game making escapades.
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 $10.00+ access to the Sketchbook, extras, and the buffer page(s). In addition to the previous rewards, this tier gives you access to Bloodline pages that haven't been posted yet! (Keep in mind these are buffers to preserve weekly comic updates. Sometimes, if used, they will take a week or two to replenish.)
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About w0lfmare

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I draw the comic Bloodline, found here: [Link]
Bloodline store: [Link]
I love drawing and telling stories, and it's my dream to do this professionally one day. If you can help out and you love what I do,
then join us here! Help me spend my time creating things ^^

$216 of $600 per month
Self- Sustaining and Monthly Raffles
This goal is a big one! In addition to the monthly, public raffle streams, I'll finally be able to call this a job. Nothing would make me happier than staying away from other jobs and pouring my time into creating and refining my craft.
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