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Hi there! I'm Bloodsbane, and I've been making and posting art for several years now.

I love making art, and I want to keep making strides in my abilities. Starting up a Patreon seemed like a good idea to help me make extra money while working part-time and taking college classes. I want to be able to produce more content on a regular schedule, as well as find a way to give back to the people who have been supporting me all these years! 

Currently, my interest is in the production of my webcomic, MOIRA. Joining my Patreon means you get access to a MOIRA-centric discord server. You'll be able to see new pages earlier than anyone else, as well as behind-the-scenes content and WIPS! If you like my comic and want to help support it, pledging is a great start~ 

When you become a patron, you'll gain access to all of the following: 

Here's what you can get for MOIRA
  • New pages of the comic as they're finished.
  • WIPs of pages as they're being worked on.
  • Developmental/concept art.
  • Bonus content.

  • A place to talk with fellow MOIRA fans! 
  • Earn unique roles based on your pledge tier. 
  • Interact with your fellow patrons and make some new friends~
33% complete
If we get to $800 a month:
  • Hey... this will cover my half of rent ;w; That'd be so amazing and awesome... Thank you... 
  • I will make MOIRA my official priority and work as hard as I can to bring you a consistent schedule for updates! And, ideally, multiple updates per week.
  • More. Something else. I don't even know yet, we'll figure it out if we ever get this far.
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