Bloody Nature

is creating a nature programme too bloody for the BBC

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About Bloody Nature

My name is Dale Attenbrow, and my show, Bloody Nature, presents nature as it really is: cruel, dangerous, and very bloody.

And what happens when you refuse to sugarcoat the horrors of the animal kingdom? What happens when you bring the blood and guts? What happens when you present nature in all its terrifying glory? Well, the BBC gives you the old two-finger salute, innit?

Of course, most people can’t tolerate the ugly truth. Let those ponces wallow in the sanitized, ‘happy-ending’ nature of Discovery Channel and Animal bloody Planet.

But for those intrepid few who can bear it, who will accept nothing less than the brutal truth, for those brave explorers with the bottle to face the monstrous reality beyond the topiaries and butterfly houses, come with us on an adventure into the very gob of the beast. Join our valiant expedition into Bloody Nature – if you dare!

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