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I'm the guy behind The Bloody Pit of Horror Blog, which you've possibly stumbled across a time or two if you're a big fan of horror, science fiction and fantasy movies. It's been my baby for around the past decade. My main goal with the blog has been to watch as many vintage (1950-1990) horror films as humanly possibly, particularly ones not many people generally talk about, and provide as many photos and as much detailed plot / production information as possible about said film. Considering from watch to research to review generally takes about 5-6 hours and I have over 2000 reviews thus far, you can imagine how much time I've put into this over the years. And it's been a pleasure doing it. Watching my little blog go from a blip to receiving anywhere from 35-50 thousand hits a month has really been one of the greatest pleasures in my life and something's that's been more rewarding than just about anything else I've ever done. Even better, I've made a number of close friends from Bloody Pit and it's also afforded me a number of wonderful opportunities, such as contributing to a number of books and magazines.

Keeping up a blog for a number of years is a very interesting thing. I first started with one (I thought reasonable) goal in mind: Watching and reviewing every genre movie made from 1950 to 1990. Not only was I completely ignorant about the sheer amount of horror movies made worldwide during that period of time, but I also never realized the unexpected twists and turns my own life would take over the following years. When I first started, I wasn't long out of college, loved my job, loved where I was living, was in love and loved my life in general. All of my friends and family were doing good and I was in a long-term relationship I felt pretty secure in. I was young, naive and idealistic enough back then to think that nothing would ever change.

All these years later, I now realize my “blog archive” on the sidebar has taken on another life entirely. While most will see movie titles, months and days, periods of activity and inactivity, I see an archive of my own life's ups and downs. I see the bad and the good. I see the time when a roommate accidentally left the door open, my cat wandered outside and was hit by a car. I see the months I took off trying to heal after losing friends and family. I see the time I disappeared as relationships were ending or just beginning. I see the moves, the jobs, the vacations. I see myself needing a new car transmission. I see the people who are there one day and gone the next. I see the half a dozen computers I've burned through. I see periods of time when I was happy, sad, burnt out, busy, feeling inspired and feeling bored. All of that makes me realize that when my life's going as smoothly and comfortably as I want it to, I'm far more active on my blog. When I actually have time to write and be creative, I'm more at peace.

My productivity has always been heavily dependent on what's going on my life at any given time. And it's been a rather rough past year due to health issues so I've had next to no time for my beloved blog. Hence why I am here.

I started this on recommendation from a friend who suggested I give it a shot and see what happens. Everything I've written the past 10 years; the blog, the books, the articles..., has always been f.o.c. I was never there for the cash. I was always there for the joy of film and the joy of writing about film; particularly unfairly maligned, forgotten or undeservedly obscure ones. Not being a position to continue doing what I love with some regularity has been something of a blow this past year. I'm here on the off chance this can be partially remedied through the generosity of people who enjoy what I'm doing and feel like contributing. What I raise here will go specifically toward freeing up some time to continue creating content.

Much love and thanks to all for taking the time to read.

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