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You're a cool guy. Many thanks. I'll let you know any good news (or bad news) first.


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Like MVP, but 5 times as powerful. You have my eternal gratitude.


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But.... why? If you're willing to go this far you have descended so deep into idol hell it's now some different type of hell. If we ever meet up the first drink's on me.




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About blub


And blubsubs is back! It's actually been back for a while, but during some downtime the other day (most of my time in the army is downtime, I'm just not allowed to do anything besides pretend I'm cleaning), I was thinking about my channel and what to work on. Then I realized that I only get 36 hours every week to leave the camp and go home and rest, and I should do something fun and enjoyable instead of wondering what to work on during those 36 hours. It turns out that the most fun and enjoyable thing I can do in this time is make subs, and so I saw no reason to keep my Patreon closed 

If you're new, I'm blub, I make subs. I like all seiyuu content, but what I translate is mostly Bandori related, although I do branch out whenever I can. Currently, I consistently publish at least one translation a week, although I expect to ramp it up when I get out of this god forsaken place. 

My original patrons probably signed up for the weekly radio subs and Love Live content. I'm currently physically unable to sub radio shows weekly and don't even have time to listen to all of them every week. For radio content, I will be completely reliant on people sending me suggestions for highlights to translate. Certain companies also do not like their content being put onto YouTube, so we will have to work our way around that. But it is doable, so patrons will get priority on having radio clip requests translated.

I truly appreciate any and all support people are willing to give me, monetary or otherwise. If I didn't feel passionate about making these videos, I wouldn't have been able to keep it up for over a year, but having people helping out really does fuel me.

I'm the most active on Twitter and Discord, so please send me requests and recommendations, or even just say hi on the Bandori discord, r/LoveLive discord, or seiyuu discord

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We reached the first goal a lot faster than I thought we would so I had to make another one.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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