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Hello everyone and welcome to our Patreon page!
We are independent developers with years of experience focusing on creating games and applications for web, desktop and mobile devices.

We are creators of BBP, PushEdTyuTyu NyuNyu:The Forest NinjaAssetCreator and a few others.

Recently we have released our 2D/3D level editor for GameMaker: Studio called PushEd for free on github and now we are focusing on our two main projects, the first one is called BBP which is a 3D online FPS made in GameMaker: Studio and it‘s currently in closed beta so feel free to join in (if you haven't already), the second one is the successor of PushEd called Push3d which is already an open source project and it's made in GameMaker Studio 2. Thanks to your support, we would be able to push these projects way further.

For more information, please visit our site homepage
and if you want to be in touch with us, you can join our discord.

Thank you so much for your time and your support!
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