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is creating robot-generated educational videos injected into social media

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At Blue Circle, we want to make learning a part of people's everyday habits through easily consumable short videos.

Self-driven study is something people aspire to these days, however people often find their spare time getting taken up by social media distractions.
We want to inject short, structured educational content directly into people's social feeds.

You can find us on almost every major social media platform, including: 
Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Cent,, Steemit.
If you would like us to integrate with another platform, please let us know @bluecirclebot

We are currently covering geography basics, with plans for an extended geography series, basic chemistry, and history series to follow.

Please support us! we plan to create increasingly quality content, covering more areas of study, and on more platforms. 

we use open technologies to build our educational materials:
datapoints from wikidata
maptiles from openstreetmap

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