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Hello! Just call me Blue and I've considered Patreon for some time now and finally got around to joining.

What I hope to create is more art! Fanart, others O.C's...anything! Art is how I make a living and the support here would make me forever grateful. I draw a little bit of everything really! Pokemon, dragons, FNAF, Flight Rising, spooky things. If you have a suggestion for a drawing feel free to throw it at me!

How it works:
-I will occasionally draw not safe for work material! They will have a warning if you don't want to see them~
-I also do projects that will be Patreon only!
Projects so far are:
  • Monster Men and Monster Ladies in pin-up styles or the occasional NSFW/suggestive theme. Pokemon fall under this too! There's a good chance I wont upload the NSFW versions of them and will just be a Patreon exclusive~
  • Undertale A.U aka will be seen as "Traintale". A group project with DeejV, and I. I will be posting our versions of the UT cast that I draw up in references! It involves a massive add of a few characters of ours and a few we have created! Vulpes, Dee7, and Blue are a center point.
  • Hollow Knight A.U known as "Defy Fate". Based on my cast of buggaboo Vessel's along with guests staring Deej's bugs! This A.U centers around a second knight that grew up along side of the Pure Vessel or "Hollow". I will be doing illustrations of this AND a comic of this when able
-I will post works during the weekdays!
-I also make plushes which I will share wips of when I get to the project. Sewing takes me a lot of time so drawings may be a little slow around that time
-Supporters will get the hi-rez files, previews of the sketch/doodle, and W.I.P shots of any project I do!
-Within a week or so I will upload what I've done to the sites I post on, however, they will be lower resolution. Patrons will only get the full sizes. Though there are -some- I will keep on Patreon only.

Deej is my little manager when I am away, he will provide you answers when I can not at the current time! Please consider checking out his Patreon too!

Where else to find me:
Deviant Art
Furaffinity (Nsfw!!)

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