Isaac Bluefoot is creating Dragonflower Ink


$1 /mo
Have I touched your life in some way? Have we perhaps crossed paths and I managed to change your view of the world? Here is a little way you can give back. 

Participant Plus

$2 /mo
Essentially just as grateful as a Participant but with an extra dollar to spare. Any even better way to say thank you to any benefits you have received through my gifts, especially for those who ca...


$5 /mo
If you have the need for more of my special perspective and want a little something more from me I suggest you enroll in my wizard school. Basic enrollment is not so structured, you might already b...

Pupil Plus

$10 /mo
All the same perks that a Pupil gets but we will create yearly lesson plan for your self actualization.

Extended Education

$20 /mo
Go beyond Pupil Plus by getting monthly homework with your annual lesson plan. Honestly you will need to seek me out to get your homework, but that is a part of what makes it work.

Art Collector

$50 /mo
  • All of the previous rewards
  • An original piece of artwork every month
Every month I will hand draw you an original piece of artwork and send it to you. Who knows what I will draw for you ...

Executive Producer

$200 /mo
  • All of the previous rewards
  • Two hours of consultation and feedback every month 
Have my creative genius on retainer and have a voice into my creative process. This includes...