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Advocates will join myself and other patrons on a private discord server designed to discuss TTRPGs, in all facets. This space will include projects I'm working on, thoughts and ideas I'm looking at putting into action in community, safer spaces for venting, debriefing, and seeking emotional support, and spaces for getting support through your own design and project creation. Advocates also receive all previous rewards.




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About Kate Bullock

I'm Kate Bullock, an advocate of inclusivity, diversity, and safer spaces in the gaming world. My gaming profession includes being one of the main organizers at Breakout Gaming Convention, the President of the Indie Game Developer Network, the writer of Bluestocking's Organic Gaming blog, the convention game room coordinator for Magpie Games, freelance designer and writer, safety and sensitivity editor, and self care life coach.

I'm here to find support for the work I continue to do creating healthier spaces in conventions and communities for TTRPG enthusiasts and professionals. I do this through convention organizing, community organizing, advocacy, conflict resolution, restorative justice, safety consultation, inclusion consultation, and through constant education and the sharing of the information I discover.

I support people. I am a safer space for folks to vent to, confide in, and create and execute plans for creating safer spaces moving forward. I work with a variety of community and convention leaders to ensure our spaces are performing as best they can and are continually evolving to make healthier, safer, and more inclusive places to play and discover games.

I am active and continually educating myself to forge healthier spaces. I write affirmations, games about love and kindness and community, social media posts on community growth, and advocate consistently for ethical behaviour and compassion in TTRPGs. I do restorative justice work to help lead the way in restoration and healing, and coach people through difficult transitions. Additionally, I am a safety editor and consultant, who helps people build safety right into the heart of their games.

I still write a blog, which I turn more and more into a place for talking about safety, inclusion, and the political issues TTRPGs regularly need to be discussion. On the blog I talk about issues in the gaming community, the strife of running conventions, the fear of writing your own game, reviews of other people's games, and often times a round up of some of the stuff I'm playing. Mostly it's used to discuss things I think should be discussed in gaming, like love, family, sex, consent, and making space for minorities. 

With this Patreon, I'm asking for help to continue my own education for community work, to support the on going physical and emotional labour of the work I do, and to help me create safer and healthier spaces in TTRPGs.
$198.75 of $200 per month
At $200 a month, I will publish one self care resource tool PDF a month designed for patrons. This will not be released to the public and is designed to help anyone struggling to feel seen, heard, and to self advocate through self care. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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