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Hi, and welcome to our page.

We decided after 50 episodes once we had built up a crew of Bluff heads, that we would set up a Patroen page for the people who enjoy the podcast, for those that wanted to become a patreon of Bluff.

This could lead to secret bonus episodes for people that donate, access to merchandise for people that donate and maybe we'll actually go to Yukon to record a show (jokes, not jokes).

And when we say merchandise, we don't mean people walking about in the same generic t-shirts, nobody will have the same design t-shirt, every single one will be different and unique, we have access to make this happen, so this is something that we will 100% look at if we can hit enough numbers for merch to begin.

If you listen to the show and wanted to donate some £/$/€ etc to support us, that would be sweet. We drop 8 episodes a month and you'll obviously get shout outs on episodes for this, but lets be honest if you shag a lampost and it makes the news, you will too.

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