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About The B-Movie Film Vault

Greetings! My name is Jordan Garren and I am THE VAULT MASTER, the sole creator of The B-Movie Film Vault! I grew up absolutely loving Horror, Sci-Fi, and monster movies so it was no surprise that in the Summer of 2000 (shortly after dialing onto the internet and gaining some major inspiration from Badmovies.Org), I started up a website to review my favorite kinds of film, just for fun!

And now, almost 20 years later, The Vault has grown significantly: It now has a sister site (The B-Movie News Vault) and a podcast (The Vault-Cast), and has become a sort of second full-time job for yours truly. It is truly a labor of love, but unfortunately it is no longer self-sustaining. That is why I have turned to Patreon to help pay the monthly and annual costs, because I have exhausted all other avenues. (e.g. Google Ads and commissions, which now pay next to nothing.)

If I somehow surpass my monthly fundraising goals I'd like to do more, like create Vault swag (always wanted to see my website logo on a t-shirt!) and run giveaways exclusively for Patrons. But for now, I mainly just want a little help to "keep the lights on."

I appreciate those of you who have taken the time out to visit this page, and for those of you who actually sign on as a Patron - THANK YOU from the bottom of my bad movie-lovin' heart!

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