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About Board Game Business Podcast

On we provide discussions about the business side of the tabletop game industry in video and podcast format from the veteran designer, the new designer, and the small publisher perspective. We research and answer questions from viewers/listeners and do some interviews with industry professionals on topics such as:

 - Winning Over a Publisher
 - Distribution Strategies
 - Kickstarter
 - Appealing to Retailers
 - Game Presentation
 - Pricing

Any subscriber gets to ask the guys a question, which will be answered directly to you or possibly on an episode. The pledges will be used both for improving your experience through hosting and equipment upgrades as well as compensation for all the time Richard spends editing.
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We recently ran out of storage space for the month and thus our audio podcasts did not keep up with video releases. If we reach this goal, we will upgrade to additional storage to prevent this from happening again.
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