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About Board To Bits

I’ve been making game development tutorial videos since 2015. Not only has it been a great opportunity to give back to the game dev community (and Unity in particular), it has also given me the opportunity to dive deeper into many concepts and find new, more efficient ways to bring games to life.

I make a point not just to explain the "how" of my tutorials, but the "why." Sometimes that means explaining why I'm using a particular function as I code it. Other times it means switching from Unity to a visual aid to break down the more obscure concepts of game development.

As an indie developer myself, I understand the importance of having resources like Unity video tutorials to help kick off projects, spark imaginations and to help devs when they get stuck on a particular project. Having the support of fellow game devs who get use from my video series would have a huge impact on establishing a more regular video recording schedule and providing more (and better) content for amateur and intermediate game developers alike.

Board to Bits is still taking shape as both a YouTube channel and an indie game studio. As a Patreon backer, you could have a fundamental say in how the future of Board to Bits progresses, and the type of content you see on the channel in the future.

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page, and thanks so much for your support!
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Right now I'm just putting these videos out as ideas come to me and as I have time to make them, but with a steady interest in these videos (and a steady stream of pledges coming in), I can commit to 2 videos a week every week, on days and times to be determined when this milestone is hit. No more hoping and praying for another Board To Bits tutorial--you'll know right when they're coming!
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