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Support my Patreon and help me:

  • Complete my book Hello Pig: Notes for a Fat Future (Strange Light, 2020)
  • Make artifacts of fat pleasure ranging from writing to photography to short film
  • Explore new forms of fat pleasure I can’t even imagine VR? Livestream? Performance?

My name is Anshuman Iddamsetty. I’m a queer fat activist, writer and podcast producer. 

I'm a two-time National Magazine Award finalist for my essays, “Swole Without a Goal” and “The Year in Thickness” and was recently nominated for the 2019 Knickerbocker Award for Best Video Game Journalism for the essay, "How Video Games Demonize Fat People." I have over a decade of experience telling stories through sound for clients like Shopify, Penguin Random House Canada and CBC Radio One, with a focus on giving a platform to marginalized voices. Recently, I was the host and showrunner of Vanguard, a podcast about how marginalized communities and subcultures make money today. It ran for two seasons. 

Why a Patreon?
In the spring of 2018, Strange Light announced that they had acquired my non-fiction debut, Hello Pig: Notes for a Fat Future.

From Strange Light:

“In riveting, sexy, funny, and devastating prose, Anshuman's debut book of non-fiction blends memoir, cultural criticism and journalism, taking him from being the fattest person on a business trip to Fiji to posing nude for a variety of photographers to exploring the world of furries. What he ends up with is a truly radical document: a book that makes the case for the fat body as a point of pride, a point of power, a tool to reclaim territory, and a way to stake a claim on a future that, until now, has only ever been promised to a privileged few.”

The book builds on my work of imagining a fatness free of trauma, a project that spans a number of essays for such publications as Hazlitt, The Outline and Best Canadian Sports Writing (ECW Press, 2017), and SOFT BODY SIMULATION, my ongoing series of nude portraits.

But when the announcement was made, I was toiling away as a producer in a toxic work environment. The pressures of my day job meant I couldn’t focus on my book or my portraits. I was burning out in real-time. The pursuit of fat pleasure grew dim and distant. In the fall of 2019, I was let go. 

It was at this moment I realized that my entire career was spent making other people rich. What would it look like to work for myself?

This is where you come in...

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