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        About Bob Ballard

        Have you found what you love to do in life? Have you found it and yet somehow don't quite get there, to the place you want to be? Tantalizingly close to living my life creating music...

        By close, I mean I can almost touch it. Great crowds at gigs, lots of compliments from venue owners and managers, really appreciative fans, awards, a few credits for film and TV productions, and other even more seemingly random accolades. Why are these random rather than consistent? I'm not sure. I want to change that.

        I think part of the issue has been the production level of my music. For years, I have struggled to upgrade my equipment and my production skills. I finally found a great audio production course and mentor and have been working hard for the last few years to produce commercial quality work. I think I am finally there. I can tell because I am getting good reviews from professionals in the film, TV and live music business. I no longer hear the refrain "great music, but not commercial quality" (i.e., it is ready to drop into a production as is and competitive with everything else in terms of quality, etc.).

        My ancestor of the same name, Robert Ballard, had a fantastic patron - King Louis XIII of France. Yes! It's true. Robert was a lutenist and composer who wrote elaborate musical dances which we would call musicals today, for the royal court. His works were published by his family's music printing company, the first printers of music in Europe. They were granted a exclusive license to print music in France which gave them great success. Composers and musicians came from all over Europe to get their works "recorded" on paper by the Ballard company which maintained a large music library on the premises. I don't think I'll find a royal patron, but a person of modest means who enjoys my music and wants to hear more of it, would be great.

        Help me ramp up my productions to achieve even better quality and produce my music more efficiently. Please reach over, under or through this unseen wall and grab my hand. Pull me, push me or even kick me over the artistic "finish line."

        The next steps for me are to license more music, record an album of my songs (have more than 50 now) and keeping writing awesome music. I am getting closer all the time!

        Thank you.
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        My initial goal is to receive $200 per month royalty and performance income.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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