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About Bobbbaaaay

My name is Bobby Hobert or some know me as "Bobbbaaaay" I am in deed the Worlds Favorite Bearded Man (they just don't know it yet.) I'm 25 years young from Chicopee, Massachusetts chasing the dream in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating college from Bentley University of May 2016 and unsure of what I wanted to do next I launched a podcast, Purpose in the Youth, where I began documenting the stories of passionate people. I create vlogs documenting my life, a series called What They DON'T See which is an inside look at where creatives create and more. I've funded all of this by being a top 2% Uber Driver in the world, yes you read it right! I got a sticker to prove it if you don't believe me ;)

My goal? To continue creating authentic & real content that documents peoples stories as well as my own. To be an example that we can live a life doing what what we want, when we want, on our own terms. 

I created this Patreon to help fund the content that I create. There are 6 tiers all of which will give you access to my monthly AMA podcast. I've been working since the age of 13 and know the value of a $1. If you can contribute, please only do so with what you're comfortable with.

There's no doubt in my mind that one day I will be living full-time off of creating. Everything great takes time to build and now I am currently in the process of trying to find ways to monetize my passion project so that I can create even more authentic & real content. Thanks for supporting!

- Your favorite bearded man, Bobbbaaaay!
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5 Star Content
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You’re pretty much saying my content is equivalent to a 5 Star Uber rating and for a top 2% Uber Driver… that’s all I could ask for! Thanks for supporting the Bearded Man Content! Your 5 bucks gets me off the Uber STREETS of LA and into the Bedrudio to cook up more content. Thank you! 

Behind the Bearded Man
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You’re a fan of the BMC but want to learn more about what is happening behind the bearded scenes. You will get access to:

  • Updates on who I have scheduled coming onto Purpose in the Youth Podcast
  •  Guests I've attempted to reach out to
  •  Access to my questions after the pod is recorded / before it is released
  • More things that I can think of / get suggested!
Bearded Wisdom Podcast
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Ohhh now we’re COOKING! This is where I will be answering YOUR questions on a monthly AMA (ask me anything) podcast. Got a q for me? Seeeeeend it!

This tier gets you access to:

  • Monthly AMA Podcast

On top of that, you will get access to:

  • Everything in the Behind the Bearded Man Tier
The Bearded Man Team
Limited (100 remaining)
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Started from the Uber and now we’re HERE! Welcome to the exclusive Bearded Man Team. If you're one of the 100 that sneaked in... WELCOME *high five*! This is for suuure the greatest team in all the land or should I say… the bearded land! One time 30 min call to thank you for supporting the BMC! We can talk about whatever you’d like, ask me anything etc.

This tier you'll receive:

  • One time 30 min call with me to THANK YOU!

On top of that, you'll also get access to:

  • The Bearded Wisdom Podcast Tier
  • Behind The Bearded Man Tier
The Elite Beard Club
Limited (0 remaining)
per month

Oh you fancy, huh? Once a month we’ll hop on a 30 min call to discuss life, business, relationships and whatever you’d like! I am your personal bearded mentor. Sound exciting? Get hyped! This is FOR THE ELITE FOLLOWERS ONLY!

In this tier you'll receive:

  • One 30 minute monthly call with me!

You'll also get access to:

  • Bearded Wisdom Podcast Tier
  • Behind The Bearded Man Tier

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