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About Bobby McIntyre

Please take a listen to this song and you will get a feel for one of my styles

A bit more about who I am and my mission below.

Your support helps me and many others who have a dream to make a living from their passion. 

We are all born into this world for a reason.  Sometimes it takes awhile for us to figure out that reason, and sometimes people never become who God intended them to become.  I am not one of these people. I will not let the fear of the unknown stop me from stepping out and achieving something great.  I declare every day that I am going to help millions of people worldwide with my voice and songs. It is a mighty declaration, but I believe I can make this declaration a reality.  I also understand that I cannot make this declaration a reality on my own. I need help from many others who believe that this world is still a wonderful place; people who believe in playing an important part in making a positive impact on others and this world.  

 Now, more than ever, this world needs positive uplifting music to help heal our hearts and souls. Music can do really can. Everybody has a contribution they can make to this world, but mine is music.  Now, more than ever, this world needs love and kindness and courage, and I want to be a vessel to give this to the world.

 When you hear my songs you are going to hear music that lifts you up and perhaps makes you smile. You will hear music that can help a broken soul. You will hear music that will make you believe in yourself again.  I know this, because I have already heard from many people from around the world who have said that my music has helped them get through extremely tough times as well as inspire them to pursue their dreams.  Hearing this feedback has spurred me on to continue to want to help as many people as I can.

 It takes a lot of money and marketing power to get one's music heard worldwide or visible on any of the major charts. I am asking for your support to join my music journey and to play an important role in helping me help millions with my voice and songs.  Whether you donate $1 or $100, you're going to become part of something that is good and something that gives back and helps others!  How exciting to be able to make such a positive impact on the lives of others! 

Please join my music journey today, but first take a listen to one of my songs below, so you can listen to my music and style and decide for yourself.   

One of my songs below called God's Grace I hope you enjoy it.  

A live clip from a few years back of one of the songs I would like to finish. with your help 
we can make it possible. 

$22.80 of $10,000 per month
Currently working on 12 song Christmas Album completion along with music video production for all songs on both Christmas album and debut album.
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