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Official patron status. This means you'll get access to my patron-only feed AND I follow you on Twitter and tweet about your complete awesomeness for joining my world of creation.

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You join me at the 3$ level and I follow you on twitter plus facebook and I also share you to my twitter and facebook, pinterest, about how awesome you are and how much your support helps k...

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five bucks is not always easy to come by So along with the posting and follows on twitter and facebook, I will also personally write a blog post about you from my Bobby McIntyre blog bragging about...

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Anybody who joins here is going to get into my world a lot.  I will be talking directly to you via chat of your choice about what ever the heck you want to talk about on a weekly bases.    We can t...

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I want your input, I want to see my super fans face once per week, either on skype Facetime viber or what ever!!   We are going to talk chat about what ever we want,  perhaps write a song, heck may...

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Peopel like you, create stars and allow dreams to come true.  We are talking on video, and if your close enough we can even grab a Starbucks together, and really discuss the vision and miss...

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This is for Artists and bands or somebody wanting to help another artist or band. and this is a cool  prize is you need help with music marketing.

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we will write and fully produce an acoustic song together and release it to all major channels. 

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I will provide a private live concert just for you or for your event, anywhere as long as it is safe to visit. 

 I will bring my guitar and voic...