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About Bob Crum

I am making comics. 
With your help I will create great comics about things I love and hopefully you love as well.
Things I love:
  • Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters
  • Robots vs. Monsters
  • Robots
  • Monsters
I promise you that the list will expand, but at least for the first issue of my comic, this is where it stands.
"What comic?", you ask.
"Big 57", I say.
I have already written and am illustrating issue #0 and will send you a copy of that comic if you patronize me per page. This is a limited run of issue #0 and it sets the stage for Big 57 as a regular comic run.
Big 57 is a story about a robot who always seems to be in the right place at the right time to thwart the most heinously evil monsters imaginable. The story is about struggle, devotion, darkness and hope; hope in the most profound sense.

Speaking of hope, I sure hope you discover Big 57 along with me. I have big plans for this Big story.
Thank you.

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The first real copy of Issue #1 - The Big 57 Origin Story. I will send it to you... you will love it... I promise. XD
$58 of $500 per Page
This is the primary goal of this campaign. We will print and publish the first official issue of Big 57! All Patrons who help along the way will receive a copy of this comic when we succeed. 
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