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You get access to a more comprehensive behind the scenes blog, where you'll have access not only to pictures, but also music and the occasional video.  I'll attempt to do a weekly release of something, even if it's something random from the vault.
You will also be listed in the credits of new animations as long as you're a patron. Nice!
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Get access to my mostly monthly video blog! I sometimes do video blogs that I share on youtube, but I make them private after a few days or a week.  Can't have blogs cluttering up the channel, can we? But if you contribute $10 or more, you can watch them anytime you want.
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You like that video blog? Wish it was more personal, like me rambling about what shows I'm watching, what games I'm playing?  Random topics that come to mind? Well, this ranking will give you access to my personal video blog, which contains monthly-ish videos where I ramble about opinions, thoughts, and potential future animations.  These videos are never public, so it's exclusive to star Patrons of mine!  Could be yooou!
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About Robert A Winchester

Greetings!  It is I, Robert WinchesterBobert-Rob.  I make animations.  Specifically, I make animations using Adobe Character Animator, a customized rig in the 3D game engine Unity (for backgrounds mostly), and I composite in After Effects and Premiere. In the past I primarily used Adobe Flash, from 8 to CS whatever, and I messed with Moho Studio 12 once.

Want to see my works? Want to keep up with what I'm doing? Want to help keep the dream alive by pitching in?  That's what this account is for!  Knock yourselves out.  I live to serve.

Concept sketches, early releases, HD re-releases, music I've done over the years, and video blogs!  I do at least one release of something a week, typically Sunday.  I'm not above doing multiple releases, but Sunday is a pretty solid day to expect something from me.  If you have questions, comments, whatever, ask away!
$161.10 of $410 per month
It's like the first one, but multiplied by 10.  Or with a zero at the end of it.  I'd like to make 410 a month because then I could just go hog wild with it.  I could put it into a pile and roll around in it.  And make my  animation hobby self sustaining so I can stop calling it a damn hobby.
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