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About Bob Fish Productions

Hello and welcome!
We (Bob Fish Productions) are a small team currently creating a sci-fi visual novel game - The Persephone Program - inspired by Zero Escape, Ace Attorney, Steins;Gate, as well as several others.

So, what’s the game about?
The Persephone Program is set in the not-so-distant future (the 2020s), as well as the slightly-more-distant future (the 2070s).
In 2027, Earth receives a coded message from the stars, one which gives up coordinates to a nearby planet. An international effort is launched in an attempt to comprehend this new discovery.
By the late 2060s, Earth sends the first long-distance mission to the planet, dubbed ‘ Persephone 1’.
But something goes wrong planet-side, and the crew disappears with no warning – or any clues to where they’ve gone.

Your job? To use complex and highly futuristic technology to delve into the crew’s last week, dig up clues, and piece together what happened on this planet so far away from home.

The Persephone Program is largely character-driven, and player interaction with both the crew members of the ill-fated mission and the player's co-workers influence the discoveries you make and your final conclusion – a conclusion which has the potential to be the wrong one.

Why Patreon?
We’re a very small game company – any extra money will help us continue to develop and improve The Persephone Program! Having a monthly stream of even just a few dollars really helps us plan ahead.
Also, it’s motivating to know that there’re people out there that are interested in the final result!

100% of your Patreon donations will go towards the development of The Persephone Program. Creating a game is pricey - with expenses such as software, artwork and music production, voice acting, and web hosting.

For those incredible people who decide to support us (thank you so much!), we’ll be providing a consistent exclusive stream of updates surrounding the game's development right here on Patreon! Nowhere else! Bespoke dev. updates just for you treasured individuals.
You can also expect to see sketches of characters, backgrounds, music track samples and much more!

If you’re as excited about The Persephone Program as we are (and we are very VERY excited), we’d love if you could support us!

The Team
Matthias Fluor
Composer / SFX

Liam Foster
Creator /  Programmer

Erin Theodore
Writer / Characters

Wei Wu
Character Artist

Five Strokes Art & Design
Marion Kapferer & Lissy
Concept & Background Artwork
$0 of $500 per month
This will give us a big boost to the development of the game! We'll be able to pay for the recurring costs such as web hosting while also giving us some finances to begin paying our artists for the amazing work they've been doing.
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