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About Gavin Mitchell

 Hello. I'm Gavin and I draw things. 

I've drawn the comics Santa Claus vs.The Nazis and Fighting Fantasy's The Trolltooth Wars, The Adventures of Pup & Grumpicorn as well as a whole bunch of other stuff (listed at the bottom.)

This patreon is to help fund my creator owned projects, allowing me to spend more time making them and perhaps give some insight into the harrowing life of full-time freelance artist. So if you like my art and would like to support it, pledge $3 or more and you will have exclusive, first look access to my work plus patron-only perks!


By becoming a patron you will get to see how the sausage is made along with access to the digital copies before anyone else. Plus opportunities to get involved in these up coming projects....

Pocket Full of Monsters is an illustrated retrospective of my childhood collection of Monster in my Pocket. The book will feature 16 full page illustrations accompanied by a lovely photo of the monster and a glib review written by me! This is the current project, meaning the majority of posts will be related to this until it's near completion. Below are some upcoming and ongoing projects!

Co-created with Jim Bampfield, Spatchcock is a comedic take on the hard-boiled detective genre, set in a sleepy UK seaside town. This is my debut comic that I will have written and drawn myself so I'm extremely excited to get this made. His first "case" is written (60+ pages), artwork is underway and it's shaping up to be a fun romp! This will also be an ongoing project with multiple case-files much like Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe.

The Adventures of Pup & Grumpicorn
is exactly what it sounds like. These all-ages short stories follow the hi-jinx of the excitable Pup and his surly unicorn friend, Grumpicorn. Co-created with my wife, Emily Owen, we mostly make these trying to get each other to laugh at bad jokes and silly puns. It makes us very happy. And we would love to make more of them! There's already a complete 22+ page issue featuring 5 stories that patrons can access and read right now!

  That's not all! 

I will also be posting Speedpaint videos, Patreon exclusive rewards, Dirty tips & tricks I use to draw, Projects that fell into development hell, Voting polls, even boardgames (creating and designing!) If any of that sounds like your thing then please consider supporting! I'm aiming to make this patreon simple and manageable so that I can deliver consistent quality content in a timely manner.

You can also cancel your pledge at anytime and you won't be charged until the 1st of each month. If in the event I cannot post for an extended period I will suspend all pledges so you won't be charged. If you have any questions then you can leave a comment on any of the posts below or message me on twitter.

And if you've read this far, thank you so much for checking out my page and an especially big thank you if you decide to pledge!

If patreon isn't for you, then you can also support me via etsy or bigcartel you can also find me on twitter and instagram.

Or if you just wanted to yeet some cash my way to say "Great Job, kid" you can buy me a Ko-fi!


Further reading...
The Trolltooth Wars (Fighting Fantasy)
Santa Claus vs The Nazis (Markosia)
24 Panels Anthology (Image)
The Adventures of Pup & Grumpicorn (self-published/Happy Clam)

Samurai Slasher (Mike Garley)
The Pride (Joe Glass)
Rum Row (Andrew Maxwell)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts

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