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About Bob Jude Ferrante

Thank you for finding my Patreon page.

Currently, I'm working on several novel and graphic novel projects, all supported by my patrons.

Why be a patron? Good question! When you're a patron, you 1) Know what I'm working on, waaay before anyone else; 2) Get early access to finished work; 3) Have a lot of fun; 4) Get special and unique rewards!

Is anything cooler than that? No, nothing is cooler than that! Patrons are cool.

Samples of my work:
Comics: Lemmings
Humor: Shelter
Story & Audiobook: God
Sci-Fi: Prodigious
Lyrics: We Are Now (with music by Lois Dilivio)
Theatre: Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre
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We are just getting started. It's exciting to be at this level! Chances are everyone at this level was personally invited. I'm grateful to every one of you for taking a chance on this.

I'm still working some job. During vacations and some weekends, I'm making art anyway, just very crammed for time.
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