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About Simon Byrne

Hi, I'm Simon. I produce daily content to help people at all stages of their fitness and body journeys.

If you've ever had a question about training, dieting or supplementation then chances are I've either already researched and covered it, or it's on my hitlist of points to cover. 

This came about from my time as a Health & Fitness writer for the supplement industry (at Myprotein and Bulk™) when I was writing the generic "beach body in 4 weeks" type of article but I wasn't really helping anyone with their actual issues and questions. 

This led to the creation of my own website - Bodies By Byrne - Where I can answer more specific questions to issues that people have and don't need to worry about clickbait or trending topics.

What I Do

I'm a certified Nutritionist, online personal trainer, and health & fitness writer. I spend most of my time searching Google, forums, and social media to find issues people have when trying to transform their body and then aim to provide a simple answer or solution. 

Why Patreon

I enjoy writing content that helps people. I know how hard it can be on a fitness journey when there's endless talk of macros, counting calories, and the "best supplements" to take but all you really want to know is can you eat bread without getting fat or can you drink diet soda when dieting!

If one of my articles has helped you with a problem and all you had to do was Google it, your support will help buy me a coffee while I write something that will hopefully help the next person. 

What You Get in Return

There isn't really something that fills the gap between free content online and having to hire a trainer for a monthly fee. Therefore, anyone that supports me while I build an online body transformation resource will get access to tools and services to transform your fitness and bodies:

  • Weekly newsletter Q&A
  • Access to my custom built calculators that I use for my own clients (TDEE, macro calculator, bulking calculator, cutting calculator...)
  • Customized diet and training plans
  • A monthly 30 minute video call to discuss your goals, progress, and accountability. 
  • Access to body transformation challenges with rewards and free giveaways
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