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Plus all the rewards from the lower-amount tiers! 

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Our Mission

To share the awesomeness that is loving yourself wholly. Through bringing together and unifying the best body acceptance crusaders, communities and resources. 

A Life of a Body Accepted

The aim of Body Accepted is all in the name - for those who do, or want to, have a body they accept.
Our values are BARE.
  • B for Body: Recognise the body (and the mind it contains), as strong, changeable and not to be feared.
  • A for Accepted: Strive to accept and maintain a positive body image.
  • R for Recreating: Create community and socialise with other Bodies Accepted.
  • E for Educating: Help spread education of what is a Body Accepted.

What is "Bare"?

We're connecting you with accepting you.
Body Accepted was born out of the need to highlight the best resources available to accept yourself and others. We promote, collaborate with and bring together the best body acceptance communities on the web. We also publish our own unique content to help strengthen the conversation on body acceptance.
We cover the full journey to a Body Accepted.

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Bare Care is our community of Body Accepted crusaders.
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