is creating Bodysuit 23 and other bodysuit/gender bending works.

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Get early access to the strip days before anyone else and access to the Patreon blog and Discord server!
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Get the same as above along with the high res version of the comic strip!
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Get the same as above, plus the rough pages in high res (and storyboards/script if chapter ends that month), along with test early builds of visual novels down the line!
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About Megazone

Hey guys! What up! I draw a web comic about a guy named Kevin who likes to put on the bodysuit of a young attractive young blonde woman for fun! That is until the creator of the bodysuit (which was made in her image) appears and let's him keep wearing it on the condition that she can keep gathering data from his use! So now he gets to live the dream of being a cute girl while also helping further science! But not only that, I also draw non-comic related bodysuit images and other gender bending works such as Magical Girl Dallas!

And while I love to spend my time working on bodysuit/gender bending related content, the truth is that living costs money. A lot of money. So much that if I weren't doing this patreon I would instead have to take a part time job in addition to my full time job. That would mean I'd have less time to work on my creative endeavors.

This is where you guys come in!
For as little as $1 a month, you can contribute to my finances so that I may be able to continue producing content without having the fear of bills clouding my head at all hours of the day. You won't believe how much that $1 can save my ass.

Becoming a patreon backer means you get benefits that non-backers don't have access to. And depending on what tier you hop onto, you can get even more benefits! Check them out!

Early Access/Discord ($1 per month):
Get access to the comic one update earlier than anyone else along with access to the Patreon blog, where I'll talk about random shit like a movie I watched, or how I got this one song stuck in my head and share with you all so you too can have it stuck in your head! You also get access to the Bodysuit 23 Discord channel!

High Resolution Art ($5 per month):
Get the same rewards as above, along with high resolution versions of the web comic in the original resolution that I draw it in (roughly 10" x 10"). With the high resolution art you'll be able to collect the pages and print them into a book, frame them on your wall, use as uncomfortable toilet paper, whatever! The possibilities are endless!!

Roughs/Storyboards/Script ($10 per month)
Get the same rewards as above, plus roughs of the comic pages for the month! Not only that, but if at the end of a chapter you will also get the (crudely drawn) storyboards and the short story I wrote that serves as the script for the chapter! You'll get to see how things progressed to the final pages and maybe even see where things went horribly, horribly wrong!

Access to the Comic Creation Discord Channel ($20 per month)

Get the same rewards as above, plus you'll get access to the Discord channel where Cooper and I work on the comic! You'll be able to chat with us as we're working on the comic in real time! Or shoot the shit when we're not working!

Special recognition on the website ($40 per month)
Get the same rewards as above, plus have your name displayed in a special thanks section on my website with hyperlinks so you can have your name link to your personal twitter, blog, website, etc.! Not only that, but the $40 gets their own monthly sketch drawn by me with ideas submitted those in this tier! It will only be accessible by those in this tier!

If you feel that you can't contribute, then don't feel pressured that you have to. I still love ya anyway. But if you think you can, even if it's just temporarily, I wholly appreciate. Every little bit goes a long way for me to continue working on Bodysuit 23 and other bodysuit/gender bending works!

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