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About Boey Bear

3 and a half years ago, my son was a toddler and obsessed with eggs. He could have watched YouTube videos all day, of surprise chocolate eggs being unwrapped to reveal toys inside. I'd make the mistake of leaving the iPad with him to do house chores or take a breather, and return to see him hypnotised by these eggs. It didn't feel right, I would feel annoyed at myself for letting him watch something so mindless.

The first few years are so important - I wanted it filled with things that are positive and will contribute to the wellness and development of my child, not the exact opposite.

I don't know how YouTube ended up being full of strange and nonsensical videos - videos that are a negative influence on young kids than anything else.

I started Boey Bear as nothing more than a passion project. The idea of creating a show that could capture a toddler's attention but also be hugely positive for them, excited me. The channel was initially called "Safe Kids Vids" as that was - and still is - the reason behind the channel. Young children deserve so much better than the majority of the kids content out there on Youtube.

Along with my eldest son, who voices Boey Bear, we've poured a lot of love into creating videos and just kept on going, feeling proud of what we create and knowing that we're contributing positively to the Youtube kids' space.

Sadly, we try and do good and we get knocked back in return. It's hard to believe that we are demonetised, accused of artificially inflating views, when in fact our views rocketed due to Youtube recommending us. We've even had an independent YouTube expert review our channel and come to the same conclusion - that Youtube have made a mistake and it is deeply concerning that they can treat channels this way.

It has been emotional reading all your feedback, of your little ones enjoying Boey Bear and how it's really helped with their learning or development. We're glad to know that many families see it the same way - that kids videos need to be more wholesome and beneficial for them. We never knew how the channel was received until now and, to know that it's made a difference, makes Boey Bear completely worthwhile.

As a side note, we haven't said our names or shown ourselves on camera. We don't want to make it about us (we don't want to be "famous" in any way) - we hope that's okay. Boey Bear's always been about serving a purpose, and we hope that our little bear is representing that well.

We've been looking around for other streaming platforms to get on and have found that no other platform can compete with Youtube - they really do hold all the power. We realise that, to keep Boey Bear going, we should really do what some families have suggested and that's to start a Patreon.

Even if you decide not to become a patron, we will really appreciate your support by subscribing to our YouTube channel and liking/sharing our videos with family and friends. Youtube ignores small channels like ours, but with your support we won't give up. Our goal is to get to 100,000 subscribers as soon as we can. It's clear that, at that level, Youtube starts to pay attention to their creators - hopefully they will care about us then, and re-monetise us for the long term.

For now, by becoming a patron, you will be making the channel viable so that we can continue creating really wholesome videos for little ones. Boey Bear requires full time work (and significantly more) to go from the initial ideas, to each video that you see. What's more, Boey Bear is like a family member to us (!) and we would personally be incredibly sad to stop doing what we love and believe in.

If you'd like to help keep Boey Bear going, we will be very grateful if you can contribute what you're comfortable with and nothing more. We want to focus all our time on getting back to making videos, so haven't offered any "extras" under each tier. (As a thank you, if you'd like to purchase video downloads to watch offline at, we can give a 40% discount code to all patrons at any tier).

Thank you so much for helping Boey Bear continue - every single contribution means a huge deal to us and we really, really appreciate it.

Thank you 💛 🐻 the Boey Bear family 

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